CCF Artists Project - Documentation Unit

The documentation unit was administered by the Foundation for the Community of Artists (FCA) a nonprofit cultural organization
that promoted artists' causes and published the Artworkers News (which became Art & Artists in 1983).
It functioned only during the first year of the CCF Artists Project (1978). Its three photographers were George Malave,
Blaise Tobia and Sarah Wells. Its three writers were Jackie Austin, Nancy Stevens and Judd Tully.
Its coordinator and archivist was Ellin Burke.

Several photographs by each documentation unit photographer are included in the sets taken from the CCF Artists Project book.
This page presents additional photos from the unit's archives.

selected additional photos

CETA photographer Larry Racioppo. (photo: Blaise Tobia)

CETA artist doing al fresco portrait in Harlem (photo: Blaise Tobia)

CETA artist Bud Wirtschafter and his color Xerox copier (one of the first in NYC). (photo: Blaise Tobia)

CCF executive director Sara Garretson, NYC commissioner of culural affairs Henry Geldzahler
and CCF Artists Project director Rochelle (Shelly) Slovin at a CCF project artists' meeting. (photo: Blaise Tobia)

Invitation to the opening of two exhibitions organized by the CCF: one, "Three Photoraphers/Three Representations,"
of photos made by the documentation unit, the other, "Working Photographers,"
of photos by the CETA artist-photographers. (photo of Sarah Wells by George Malave)

CCF CETA Artists Project - administrative staff (photo: George Malave)

New Living Newspaper (photo: George Malave)

Poet Pedro Pietri performing at a community center (photo: George Malave)

Painter Bimal Banerjee teaching a childrens' workshop (photo: George Malave)

Artist Charlotte Borchardt demonstrating her macrame art (photo: George Malave)

Audience at a Jewish community center watching a work by Susan Sandler (photo: George Malave)

Additional CETA portraits by George Malave are at <https://www.georgemalave.com/portraits>.