CETA Arts Legacy Project


Who We Are

Former CETA Artists Working Group:

Bob Holman, Poet, CCF
Virginia Maksymowicz, Sculptor, CCF
George Malave, Photographer, CCF/FCA Documentation Team
Meryl Meisler, Photographer, American Jewish Congress
Larry Racioppo, Photographer, CCF
Blaise Tobia, Photographer, CCF/FCA Documentation Team
Judd Tully, Writer, CCF/FCA Documentation Team

Blaise Tobia, Larry Racioppo, Gelorge Malave, Meryl Meisler and Virginia Maksymowicz
at the NYC Municipal Archive in 2016

Former CETA Artists Advisory Group:

Dawoud Bey, Photographer, CCF
Marcia Bricker, Photographer, CCF
Nina Kuo, Printmaker/Photographer, CCF
Ademola Olugebefola, Painter, CCF
Christy Rupp, Sculptor, CCF

Former CETA Administrators Working Group:

Ted Berger, former Director, New York Foundation for the Arts, and a designer of the CCF CETA Project
Randall Bourscheidt, former Deputy Commissioner of Cultural Affairs, NYC
Sara Garretson, former Executive Director of the Cultural Council Foundation
George Koch, former Manpower Analyst for the DOL and Director of the CETA-funded ARTS DC in Washington DC
Rochelle Slovin, former Director of the CCF CETA Artists Project

National Advisory Group:

Deborah Cullinan, Vice President for the Arts, Stanford University
Steven Durland & Linda Frye Burnham, authors of CETA and the Arts: Analyzing the Results of a Groundbreaking
Federal Job Program
and CETA and the Arts II: Fifteen Case Studies
Molly Garfinkel, Managing Director City Lore/Director Place Matters, NYC
Arlene Goldbard, Activist, Consultant and former Chief Policy Advisor for the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture
John Kreidler, former Director of the San Francisco Arts Council’s CETA-funded Neighborhood Art Program
Laura Macaluso, independentscholar and author, Public Art and Public Hisotry (reaerching CETA Arts in New Haven)
Jacqui Shoholm, former Senior Policy and Regulatory Analyst at U.S. Department of Labor
Nancy Stephens, Board Member, Americans for the Arts
Sally Tallant, Director and Lynn Maliszewski, Collections & Archives Manager, Queens Museum, NYC
Jodi Waynberg, Executive Director, Artists Alliance, NYC
Margaret Winslow, Curator of Contemporary Art, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington

In memoriam: Steven C. Dubin, author of Bureacratizing the Muse: Public Funds and the Cultural Worker


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