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CETA Artists Project (NYC Cultural Council Foundation 1978-80)

CETA Employment of Artists (1974-81)


Recent Press

The Forgotten Federally Employed Artists
by Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia for Hyperallergic (December 2020)

Could a Nixon-era Employment Scheme Get Artists Back to Work?
by Margaret Carrigan for The Art Newspaper (July 2020)

The Art Newspaper blog "The Week in Art" interview with Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia
on the CCF Project and CETA Arts nationally. YouTube (CETA interview starts at 45:55)


Artists speak about their CETA experiences

Videos by two acclaimed artists who credit CETA Arts
as an imposrtant experience in their lives and a valuable social program:
Peter Coyote Bill Irwin

A reflection by CETA artist Dawoud Bey on the experience, from his Blog.


Historic Reference

Looking for CETA: Tracking the impact of the 1970s federal program that employed artists
an article by Linda Frye Burnham and Steven Durland on the site Forecast Public Art (May 23, 2017)

Frye Burnham and Durland also wrote a two-part book "The CETA Arts and Humanties Experience" (2011)
It interprets the studies done by by Morgan Management Systems for the U.S. Department of Labor in 1979-81.
It is available from Kindle.

The Federal Artist is a 45-minute documentary video on the CETA CCF Artists Project
produced in 1979 by a team of media artists from the CETA-funded
Foundation for Independent Video & Film, led by its director Marc Levin.

An excellent video was produced in connection with CETA arts projects in Phoenix AZ.
(Note that it preceded the NYC projects and therefore doesn't mention them.)

The Clark Street Subway Station ceramic murals (some of the last extant CCF public art works)
are documented on the site Tiles in New York.

An article from the N.Y. Times (December 30, 1977) announcing the CETA-funded NYC Artist Projects.



CETA Arts Legacy Online Archive
These open-share Google Drive folders are being contstantly updated as new materials are found.

NYC Municipal Archives
55 file boxes of records of the CCF CETA project are held by NYC Department of Records.
The Municipal Archives Visitor Center is at 31 Chambers Street, but the CETA records are stored offsite,
so advance arrangements must be made to have the desired file boxes brought to the Center.


The case-study page from Create NYC plan dedicated to the CETA Artist Projects.

NYC's City Lore has initiatiated an effort to document and archive the CFF CETA project.
They maintain a Facebook Group called New York City CETA Artists Project.

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